Music Policy & Guidance Notes

In deciding your choice of entertainment please be aware and take into account local conditions that could influence your booking.

Use of noise limiter at The Old Vicarage is to contain noise emitted to an acceptable level that is within our obligations to the local environment. A marquee is not a fixed structure and therefore there is no standard acceptable level of noise emission. It is the perceived level of emission above the ambient noise level at the time, that dictates whether the level of noise is acceptable or not.

As a guide, the following criteria will be benefit in your decision:

  • A Smaller drum kit

  • No base guitars

  • Type of music/song is imperative in facilitating an acceptable level, specifically base & drum instrumentally oriented songs i.e. ‘Queen’ – Rock – Indie, are not allowed

  • Karaoke is not permitted

  • The final ‘live’ entertainment set will finish at 22:45 pm

The following performers are indicative of the type & style of music that has met the policy & guidance on the day.